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Science shows us that woman need community and accountability to live productive and healthy lives. Our F.A.B. MEMBERSHIP is designed to provide just that. Our membership has helped countless women ascend boundaries, achieve goals, find personal success, and gain the confidence needed for fabulous living!

As F.A.B Women we join together to move our bodies, develop our minds, lighten our spirits, and have a blast! F.A.B. provides education, structure, accountability, support, community, and fun!

In today's busy world F.A.B is like having a life coach, a girl’s night out and a personal trainer all rolled into one. Join us and together we will have fun ascending boundaries!

Flat to F.A.B.-ulous!

You deserve to reap the many benefits that having structure, accountability, support, and community provides. Become a member and you will be well on your way to strengthening your self-concept, taking your life from flat to FAB-ulous! Membership includes the following.

F.A.B.'s E-Booklet 7 Steps to Increased Confidence and Clarity

Free admission to 3 F.A.B.-ucational Self-Concept Webinars

Private access to F.A.B.'s High-Level Wellness Videos

Goal Setting Sheets

Preference based Motivational Mind Morsel E-mails or texts

Access to a private Facebook support page.

Self-Improvement Surprises gifted throughout the year.

I need more!

If you are looking to accelerate your personal development experience, need support working through an issue or transition, or need help dealing with a challenge you may be facing then the Summit Package is for you! This program is available to Members only and includes the following:

  • 4 individual 45 minute telephonic personal success sessions and 25% off additional sessions. (must be completed within 4 months of signing up)
  • Weekly Motivational Texts and/or e-mails tailored to the ascension of your specific boundary.

Highlighted Programs


7 Steps to Increased Confidence and Clarity 

When F.A.B. was first in development one of our F.A.B. fans exclaimed the following: "I just need a class on how to do life!" Well ask and you shall receive. This program is a great jump start to positive personal development as it guides you through 7 empowering action steps that will help you gain the clarity and insight you need to find balance and take control of your life.

This presentation includes a copy of our recently published e-book and can be adjusted to fit population needs.


The Key to Personal Safety

In response to the escalating rates of violent crimes F.A.B. was asked to create this much needed offensive program. This program teaches you essential skills, tips, and techniques for proactively protecting yourself.  It is a prevention-based program showing how to avoid potential dangerous situations and what to do if you find yourself in one.

Suitable for all ages.


Dance Your Way Through The Teen Years 

After working for several years with middle school children, piloting various programs, and discussing with them what they most wanted and needed to learn, The D.A.B. Method was born. This mind-body program is crucial for all teens as it teaches students how to navigate the challenging teen years.

Our dynamic three step method helps teens by giving them the tools they need to obtain a healthy perspective, build resiliency, and develop emotional agility.

Click the video below to see how much fun the kids have!

If you don't see the personal development program you're looking for, please contact us at

so we can match your needs with a current F.A.B. program or create a program just for you!

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