Secrets to Successful Living

"I just want to know how to do life!"

exclaimed our dear stressed-out, overworked, under-appreciated friend Diana.

This statement is one of the reasons why Sheila and I started F.A.B. Empowers and developed our award winning program Life: Flat to FABulous ~ Personal development quickies for females over 40.

Do you want:

More confidence? Less stress?

More balance? Less anxiety?

Of course you do! Living a life you can be proud of and feel good about is what F.A.B. Empowers is all about. We are passionate about helping todays busy women cope with the challenges of life in the most fun and productive ways possible. Therefore we have condensed the secrets of successful living into fun and easy personal development quickies so even the busiest of women can fit it into their schedules.

Give us 15 minutes and we will take your life from flat to FABulous. Thats all it takes!

By joining the F.A.B. family you will be given the tools, structure, and support you need to experience a life you can wake up each day feeling good about. So we invite you to join the personal development party. After all, F.A.B. is to your life what the little black dress is to your wardrobe -- essential!

FAB more. Stress less.

"Hi Sheila & Sarah! The girls had a blast! So many commented that they thought it was going to be just another boring presentation, but were pleasantly surprised that they got to get up and dance! They said that putting the ideas to actions really cemented them into their brains… I really appreciated how open and real you were with the girls and how you reached them through humor and using their language. You made something that can be a scary discussion fun and empowering!" Nicole, Explorations PHP

​"I liked how it wasn't just sitting and listening. We moved, listened, thought, glowed, and enjoyed." ~T.F.

"I've been a teacher for 18 years and this was the best inservice day I have ever been to!" Participant West Chester Area School District Teacher In Service Day


"Sheila really helped me change my perspective and gave me strength and courage to face my personal challenge with grace ... and a sense of humor!" S.B.

“Sarah sets a new standard when it comes to transforming the energy of her clients. If you're ready for exponential results, Sarah is one of the best.”~ Al Torres, Founder and CEO, Pursuit Concepts

Join the F.A.B. Family

Yes I do want more life tools and less stress!