Enjoy some testimonials and take a look at some of our photos from previous FA.B. events. If you have any photos from our events, we would love to see them! Please feel free to email them to us at info@fab-women.com

"I've been a teacher for 18 years and this was the best inservice day I have ever been to!"~ Participant West Chester Area School District

"The girls had a blast! So many commented that they thought it was going to be just another boring presentation, but were pleasantly surprised that they got to get up and dance! They said that putting the ideas to actions really cemented them into their brains… I really appreciated how open and real you were with the girls and how you reached them through humor and using their language. You made something that can be a scary discussion fun and empowering!" ~Nicole, Explorations PHP

​"I liked how it wasn't just sitting and listening. We moved, listened, thought, glowed, and enjoyed." ~T.F.

“Sarah sets a new standard when it comes to transforming the energy of her clients. I have worked with Sarah on several levels and she constantly impresses me in regards to her insight and knowledge. If you're ready for exponential results, Sarah is one of the best.”~ Al Torres, Founder and CEO, Pursuit Concepts

“Not only is Sarah Carkner a talented personal trainer and fitness instructor, she is also an empowering life and wellness coach and speaker. Sarah has been an inspiring role model for many other women seeking to discover their life purpose and gain a new sense of confidence. Her natural enthusiasm and zest for life shine through in everything she does, making her a pleasure to know and work with.”~Martha Bullen, Owner, Bullen Publishing Services

“Working with Sarah was a tremendous help for me when I was in a dark place and looking for a helping hand. Sarah really put into perspective where I was and where I could be, and led me onto a much brighter path.” ~ Nick A

"Sarah, I just read your chapter in the book! I loved it! It was so you!!! I felt like we were having a conversation!! Totally inspirational!"     ~Kelly L

"Sarah thanks so much for the copy of your book today. I came home and had a little time so I quickly read your chapter and LOVED it.  Entering your class for the first time was very nerve wracking for me but you smiled and made me feel welcome. You do that to everyone that enters your class no matter age, shape, size - you make us all feel like dancers." ~Nancy Rizzo