Are you ready for life-changing transformation?

Introducing the F.A.B. Mind Body Experience

Welcome to the one and only mind body community that helps you deal with life challenges in the most productive and healthy way possible.

Join the F.A.B. family and reap the many benefits that having structure, accountability, support, and community provides. F.A.B. Empowers has helped countless women ascend boundaries, achieve goals, find personal success, and gain the confidence needed for fabulous living. We have taken the secrets of successful living and condensed them into personal development quickies that you can apply to your life straight away. In today's busy world F.A.B is like having a life coach, a girl’s night out and a personal trainer all rolled into one.

The F.A.B. Mind Body Retreat

I thought that nothing could make my soul sing more than watching the amazing transformations that take place when I gathered a group of women together and taught them my powerful life-enhancing 5 step F.A.B. Formula.... but I was wrong!

By adding in the retreat element of movement, reflection, food, and fun, participant self-renewal was inevitable and I was completely spiritually ecstatic! And I want YOU to join in the life-enhancing, belly laughing, memory making joy that comes with being a part of the F.A.B. Empowers Family and attending a Retreat.

​"I liked how it wasn't just sitting and listening. We moved, listened, thought, glowed, and enjoyed." ~T.F.

It is time for you to tap into your personal power, gain clarity, and experience a more FABulous you in mind, body and spirit.

I am booty-shakingly excited to help you gain the confidence you need to know you are making the best life decisions for you and your family. I'm fist-pumpin' delighted for you to attain a satisfying life balance. Most of all, I can't wait to share in what is sure to be the most memorable mind-body reboot you have ever experienced.

“Sarah sets a new standard when it comes to transforming the energy of her clients. If you're ready for exponential results, Sarah is one of the best.”~ Al Torres, Founder and CEO, Pursuit Concepts

The first step toward a more powerful, confident, cared for you, is to join the F.A.B. family community so you can receive free tools, fun tips and the loving support you need to create a life you can wake up each day feeling good about. We will also let you know when we will be offering the next F.A.B. Mind Body Retreat and share with you other F.A.B. personal development event opportunities.

You have absolutely nothing to lose but so so so much to gain! I can't wait to get to know you better and to champion you towards your most F.A.B. self.

Together lets have Fun Ascending Boundaries!

~ Sarah~

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